How to Sync your SmarterMail Calendar - iOS

 What is CalDAV?

CalDAV is the protocol used to sync information for scheduling such as in the case of Calendars.

How can I Sync my Mail Calendar on my iOS device?

  • Open your devices Settings
  • Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Select Add Account
  • When asked which Account Type you'd like to add, select Other
    • Select Add CalDAV Account
  • In the field for Server, type (the domain of your email address:
  • In the Username field, type your full email address:
  • Select next
  • As our mail server does not currently support SSL, you will see a warning
    • Select Continue
Should your device not be able to verify the account information, perform the following steps:
  • Select OK
  • Go to your Advanced Settings
  • Ensure that SSL is set to OFF
  • Change the Port to 80
  • The URL (web address) of the account should be set to
  • Go Back to Account Information and select Save
If you experience any trouble with this, please look at our other Knowledge Base Articles on our website or contact us at

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