SonicWall - Disabling SIP ALG

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Most firewalls (including SonicWall) have a feature called SIP ALG (Or SIP Transformations) that may cause issues with Siteserver VoIP services.  If you experience phone registration issues, dropped calls or are unable to dial out and are using a SonicWall firewall, we recommend disabling SIP Transformations:

To disable SIP Transformations, perform the following:

1. Login to the SonicWall web interface.

2. On the left columns, locate the VoIP tab.  Depending on the software version you're using, your screen may look slightly different.

3. Enable “Consistent NAT”

4. Make sure that ALL of the options are unchecked under SIP Transformation.

5. Click “Apply”.

6. Reboot your Siteserver VoIP handsets.

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