Can I Send Email Securely with Siteserver's Mail Service?

Can I send mail using SSL or TLS and what's the benefit?

    Absolutely. We provide the option to connect to our mail services securely over SSL or TLS.
    SSL and TLS are security protocols that allow encryption of data. This allows users to access email through your preferred email client without fear of your data having been intercepted. SSL will encrypt the connection immediately upon connection. TLS will encrypt once the STARTTLS command is sent.

How do I setup my Email Client to send mail securely?
    Sending and receiving electronic mail uses very specific ports; in order for you to send and receive from your Email Client, you will need to make sure they are configured correctly. Listed as follows are Siteserver specific Protocols, Server Names and Secure Ports.
    Note: When configuring your email client, be sure that the option for TLS or SSL is checked should you wish to use the following settings.
    SSL Port:        993
    TLS Port:        143
    SSL Port:        995
    TLS Port:        110
    SSL Port:        465
    TLS Port:        25
    (A note on SMTP: Default for most email clients is Port 25. Siteserver does allow access through this port, however, many providers - such as AT&T - block transmitting of data through Port 25. For this reason, we recommend using Port 465 for secure connections.)

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