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Valet Parking allows a caller to be placed in park by the system assigned parking lot number. That parking lot number can be used later to retrieve the call.

Parking a Caller (Valet)

1. Receive parking spot number from parker
1. Receive call 
2. Dial transfer button
3. Dial*
4. Dial 4
5. Wait for the system to tell you which spot the call has been placed into before hanging up
Ex: Call placed in parking spot 100

Retrieving a Parked Call

1. Receive parking spot number from parker
2 Dial*
3. Dial 5
4. Dial parking spot number
Note: If you do not want to remember two different feature codes of *4 for Valet and *5 for Retrieve, you can activate the Parking and Retrieve code and use *3 to do both Valet and Retrieve.
Tip: In order to be able to use Valet, Retrieve, or Park and Retrieve parking their respective feature codes must be activated. They are located under Hosted PBX > Feature Codes > Parking
Ask your support representative if this option is available for your account by emailing or call us at 805-578-2000

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