How to set up Windows Mail (Windows 10)

How to set up Windows Mail
Follow these steps to set up Windows Mail to sync with Webmail via IMAP
  1. On your Windows 10 Machine, open the Start Menu and find Mail.

  2. Some people may have to click the Gear Icon in the bottom left and click Manage Accounts, then click Add account.

  3. Click Other account

  4. Enter your Email address is the Email Address box, and your password in the Password box.

  5. Click Sign in.

  6. Enter the same Email address in the next box.

  7. Click Done.

  8. Click on the Gear Icon in the bottom left corner of the screen, and click Manage Accounts.

  9. Click on the Email you just set up.

  10. Make sure your Account name is the same as your Email address, and click Change mailbox sync settings.

  11. Click on Advanced mailbox settings.

  12. Under Send your messages using this name, enter your Email address, and make sure Email is switched on under Sync options.

  13. Under Incoming email server, enter (You may have to scroll down).

  14. Under Outgoing (SMTP) email server, enter

  15. Make sure all 4 Checkboxes under Outgoing (SMTP) email server have checks next to them.

  16. Click Done, make sure the account name is your Email address, then click Save.

Windows Mail is now set up to receive emails using IMAP.

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