Configure Ipswitch Ws_ftp Professional to allow you to transfer files to your domain.
  • Open Ipswitch WS_FTP Professional  clicking Start -> Programs -> Ipswitch WS_FTP Professional
  • On start up the Connection Wizard should come on the screen.
    Click next and continue.



  • In the next window you will want to enter in your domain name in the field at the bottom.
    Click next to continue.



  • The next window you will select "FTP" in the bottom drop down menu.
    Click next to continue.



  • Next it will ask for your server address input your domain name here.
    Click next to continue.



  • After that you will want to input your user name and password in the fields so marked.
    Click next to continue.


  • The Next window should have all the information you just inputted shown above.
    Click finish to complete the setup.


  • Once you have your connection all setup as done with the connection wizard, you will see two windows with files in each.
    In between the lists should be two arrows, one for upload and one for download.
  • On the top of the page under the tab that says "My Computer" it will show you the source file, where the files you want to transfer are.


  • Once you have all the files selected that you want to transfer, make sure you are in the "www" directory, then click the arrow pointing left.


  • Now you have transferred file and it will show up in the domain tab.  If a large file there is a progress bar at the bottom of the window. Now you can transfer your files to your domain. 

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