Setup an Exchange ActiveSync Account for Email on your BlackBerry Device

 What is Exchange ActiveSync?

Exchange is a messaging product used for managing and synchronizing e-mail as well as contacts and calendars across multiple devices such as your mobile phone or tablet and your home and office computers. It uses a direct push technology that allows you to make a change at home which you'll then see at your office. 

NOTE: We offer this as an optional add-on to your hosted email account and we do charge an additional nominal fee for this service.

How do I set it up on my BlackBerry device?

  • To activate Exchange ActiveSync on your BlackBerry, you will have to register and download the program AstraSync
    • On your phone, open the BlackBerry Browser
    • Navigate to the AstraSync download page
    • Log in with the email address and password you chose when you registered with AstraSync
    • Select the Over-The-Air option
    • Select Download
    • Select Yes to the Security Warning
  • Before configuring AstraSync, open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager:
    • Ensure that Desktop Synchronization is turned Off (this will avoid any data duplication)
    • Ensure that Content Protection is Disabled
      • You should be able to re-enable these options, after the installation and configuration process.
  • Once the download and install is complete:
    • Select Run to open AstraSync and begin configuration
    • When asked about data modification and access, select Yes
    • Agree to the the AstraSync License Agreement
  • Once, this is done, AstraSync will run a test to find the best network connection. You may be prompted to allow network connections.
  • Once the Connection type has been chosen, select Next
  • You will now be asked to fill out your email and server information:
    • In the Email Address field, enter your full email address (e.g.,
    • In the Server field, enter
    • In the Domain field, enter your domain (e.g.
    • In the Username field, enter your full email address.
    • In the Password filed, enter your password (passwords are case sensitive)
  • Select Next
  • AstraSync will test the connection
  • Select Next
  • AstraSync will display a list of additional features. Select those you wish to use
  • Select Next to initiate the first sync
If you experience any trouble with this, please look at our other Knowledge Base Articles on our website or contact us at

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