Migrating Data Between Servers via RDC

Virtual Server Management
 What is RDC?

RDC stands for
Remote Desktop Connection and it allows you to access another device, virtual or otherwise 
NOTE: We offer this as an optional add-on to your hosted email account and we do charge an additional nominal fee for this service.

How can I use it to connect to my Virtual Machine and migrate data?

  • Open the Remote Desktop Connection program on your computer
  • Under the Local Resources tab on your computer, select More (under the Local devices and resources section)
    • Select Show Options
    • Expand the Drives Directory
    • Select which Drive you wish to map to
      • Most likely this will be the C:/ Drive
    • Select OK
  • Go to the General Tab
    • Select which Server/Computer you wish to log into
    • Provider your Username
    • Select OK
  • Once you've connected, you can now see your computer listed under My Computer and from there initiate file transfers
If you experience any trouble with this, please look at our other Knowledge Base Articles on our website or contact us at support@siteserver.com

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