Create a new user/email account

  1. Login to your WebMail account located here: (

    Login information was sent in your welcome email. If you cannot find your WebMail login information please contact

  2. Click the main Settings Icon on the left hand tool bar and under Domain Settings click Users. Here you will see a list of your existing users.

  3. To create a new user click New at the top tool bar.

  4. For basic user setup please refer the screen shot below. Username, Password, and Mailbox Size are the only required fields.

    If you are creating a POP account on your device then a greater size limit is not needed. This is because messages will not be stored on our server. Keeping a copy of the message for an amount of time (eg: 3 days) can be set on your device. This is recommended to give all of your devices (if you have multiple) a chance to download the message before removing it.

    If you are creating an IMAP account, you'll want to increase the Mailbox Size Limit as you see fit because messaged will be saved on our servers.

  5. Click Save and your new user can log in at with the credentials you've created. Keep in mind the login User Name will be the full email address (eg:

  6. Click Here for instructions on setting up your device.

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