Paging and Intercom on Phones

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What does this feature do?

    The intercom feature in Kazoo allows you to dial a phone and have the phone automatically go off-hook to speakerphone mode. This is useful for announcing callers or paging individuals who may not be near their phone.
    Note: The intercom feature is phone-specific; many phones support intercom but some do not. The feature can also be disabled on most phones directly.

How do I use this on my VoIP Phone?

    Before starting, ensure that this is enabled for your account. Contact your support representative is you are unsure if this has been done.

Making an Intercom Call
  • To make an intercom call, dial the intercom access code, *0, followed by the callflow - e.g. 100 number of the party you wish to intercom
    Note: This feature processes a normal callflow but with a flag set to intercom any phones attached to the callflow. You may get unexpected results if you try to intercom a menu or a ring group.

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