Can I register a custom or 3rd party component on the server?

Since certain components can cause major security and stability problems on our servers, they must all be approved prior to installation. You should upload the component to your directory along with it's documentation for 3rd party components and source code for custom components. Send an email to Support with your IP address and default username along with the specific details of the component. If we approve the component, we will install it in MTS or with regsvr32.exe. If we are installing a custom component, it should be fully debugged and tested. If any component is found to compromise the system, it will be removed. There is a $25 setup fee for each registration and you must be on plan two or above. The component must not be in a setup package. We will not run setup programs on our servers in order to install components due to the fact that they sometimes overwrite newer DLL's. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for registering components.

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