Configure FileZilla to allow you to transfer files to your domain.
To download a copy of Filezilla please Click Here.
  • Open Filezilla  clicking Start -> Programs -> Filezilla
  • This Tutorial A is for those who do not make frequent changes to their domain and would like to do it fast and easy.
  • The program should start up with your hard disk directory in a window on the left hand side.
    At the top you will see four empty fields.



  • Input in the fields at the top your site information and click the "Quickconnect" button at the end.
  • On the left side where your hard disk directory is shown, in this you will want to go to the folder where you have all the data for your domain saved.



  • Now you are connected and should be able to see the files that are on your domain. 



  • To transfer a file over you will want to first make sure that you go into the "www" folder on your domain, this is where you want to transfer your files to.
  • Simply double click the file that you want that is displayed on the left side to transfer it to your domain, or you can also drag and drop the file into the desired folder.



  • For those that make frequent edits to your domain, Tutorial B will help you         to store your domain information with the program to logon easier.
  • When you open the program up you will first go to "File" then  "Site Manager...".



  • When you click on the site manger you will then see a window that says "My FTP Sites", and it will have two buttons at the bottom.  You will want to click the "New Site" button.


  • Once you do this you will see the fields on the right light up and an area under the "My FTP Sites" will appear.
  • Fill in the fields with the information for your domain.  Under the "Logontype" you will want to select Normal.
  • When you are done with this you will want to click connect, this will save your data.


  • To transfer Files please refer back to Tutorial A Steps three and four.

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