Setting Up Email Notifications for Voicemail

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Our VoIP system allows you to be notified by email when you have received a voicemail. The notification will send you an audio file which you can then download and listen to as an alternative to checking messages on your phone.

Setting Up Email Notifications
  • Login to your account on Siteserver's VoIP Portal
    • (If you do not have this information, please contact
  • Hover over the Hosted PBX tab
  • A dropdown menu wil appear
    • Go to Advanced -> Users
  • Select which User you wish to edit
  • Under the Basic tab you will see a list of Settings
  • Enter the email you wish to receive notifications in the Email box
  • Check the Voicemail box under Email Notifications
  • Be sure to click on the Save changes button (otherwise your changes will revert back to their original settings)

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