Configuring your Voicemail Box

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 Setting up your Voicemail Box
  • On your phone, select the Messages button (in some cases it will be required of you to skip this step and just dial your Mailbox Number as outlined in the following step).
  • You will be prompted to enter your Mailbox Number (or your Extension Number, for example: ext. 104) and then #
  • e.g. 100#
  • Next you will be asked to enter your four-digit password or PIN
    • e.g. 1234
    • (If you do not have this please contact your system administrator or
  • You now have access to the Main Menu 
  • Option 5 will allow you to change your Voicemail Box Settings
    • If you want to Record your Greeting, select Option 1...
  • If you would like to Record your Name, select Option 2...
  • If you would like to change your four-digit password or PIN, select Option 3.....
  • and follow the voice prompts. Be sure to wait on the line to confirm and save your settings.
Voicemail Error
  • If you get an error such as "Voicemail Box has not been configured, please contact as this is a change we will have to make

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